Unlock the full potential of your online community with AigentXC

Elevate Your Online Community with AigentXC

Access live data to keep a pulse on the market.
Real-time Token Data
Customize the platform whether for community management, user onboarding, or other specialized tasks.
Choose Your Role
Interact with your audience through their preferred channels.
Voice and Video Messages Support
Delve into the minutiae with our analytical tools.
Smart Contract Analysis
Enhance the AI with additional data as your project evolves.
On-the-Fly Training
Keep the AI learning with automated updates from your social media interactions.
Auto-Training on Twitter Posts
Convert text queries into visual representations.
Ask to Image
Create stunning, AI-generated images.
DALLE-3 Image Generation
Seamlessly integrate with Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord.
Multi-Platform Integrations
Our Features
Depend on our AI's 99.9% answer accuracy for reliable responses.
Exceptional Accuracy
Communicate effectively with support in multiple languages.
Multi-Language Support
Benefit from our technical support and a personal project manager.
Monitor your progress with a comprehensive dashboard.
Our Benefits
Constant Availability
Our services are up and running 24/7 to ensure there's no interruption to your workflow.
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On-time payment
Includes AigentX branding.
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