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We streamline Web3 technologies, making dApps, Blockchains, and other innovative products intuitive and user-friendly. Our AI suite bridges the technical world with ease-of-use, making these advanced technologies accessible to all.
Navigate the crypto world with intuitive AI-driven interactions.
AigentX — Crafting Clarity in the Web3 World.

Facing endless routine inquiries and community engagement hurdles? Empower your platform with Aigent. Our AI-driven solution alleviates over 80% of support burdens, ensuring you focus on growth while we handle the mundane.

Aigent: Transform Your Crypto Challenges

Our dApp
Explore the new frontier of bot management with our dApp Open Beta — test out the latest features directly on the web, some functionalities may be forthcoming.
AigentX Enterprise
Custom AI Solutions for the Web3 Era. Tailored specifically for businesses, AigentX Enterprise specializes in developing bespoke AI-driven applications, streamlining and enriching the use of blockchain and Web3 technologies.
Depend on our AI's 99.9% answer accuracy for reliable responses.
Exceptional Accuracy
Communicate effectively with support in multiple languages.
Multi-Language Support
Benefit from our technical support and a personal project manager.
Monitor your progress with a comprehensive dashboard.
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Constant Availability
Our services are up and running 24/7 to ensure there's no interruption to your workflow.
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ETH (ERC-20)
AIX Token
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Q1 2024
  • Jan - Marketing: AIX Radio Launch
  • Jan - Webapp: AIX Open Beta Webapp Launch
  • Jan - Extension: AIX Chrome Extension Launch / AIX Firefox Extension Launch
  • Jan - Webapp: Affiliate Program Launch
  • Jan - AigentXT: Trading Agent Launch
  • Jan - AigentXS: Support Agent Launch
Q1 2024
  • Jan - AigentXC: New Social Media & Messenger Integrations
  • Jan - Webapp: Analytics Dashboard Launch
  • Feb - AigentXC: New Blockchains Integration
  • Feb - Webapp: Conversations (CRM) Module Launch
  • Feb - Business Development: Participation in Grant Programs
Q1 2024
Q2 2024
  • Feb - Business Development: Advisory Startup Program Launch
  • Feb - Business Development: AIX Advisory Board Expansion
  • Feb - Docs: Whitepaper 2.0 Release
  • Mar - Docs: Gitbook Docs Reformation
  • Mar - Marketing: New AIX Website
  • Mar - Team: Initiatives for Team Expansion and Skill Development
  • Team: Dev & Management Team Expansion
  • Webapp: Official AIX Webapp Full Release
  • Business Development: AIX Advisory Department Formation
  • Product Development: Release of New Cross-Functional Products
  • Marketing: Launch of a New Marketing Campaign for AIX Products
Q2 2024
  • Team: Implementing Employee Development Programs
  • AigentXC: Enhancing Customer Experience with New Updates
  • Webapp: Advanced Features Release
  • Business Development: Establishing New Strategic Partnerships
At AIgentX, we thrive on real-world achievements, and our partnership with Integratly.ai is a shining example. Join us as we explore some of our most impactful projects, demonstrating how Integratly AI's technology has already made a significant difference.
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